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Joe Sandbox & FireAMP

Published on: 02.04.2012

We are proud to release that FireAMP, a new security product developed by Sourcefire is using Joe Sandbox as its malware analysis engine. FireAMP is new advanced malware protection solution which follows the new approach of an iterative security intelligence cycle. The iterative security intelligence cycle assumes that in general it is not possible to keep a large network of hosts completely free from malware (even with good IDS and IPS). In order to find and fix infected hosts you need tools to monitor, instantly detect, block, remediate and secure clients. FireAMP is one such tool. It gathers information with a deep operating system view across the host network and offers nice tools to understand the outbreak and malicious activates as well as tools to block and remediate attacks directly on the host system:

We at Joe Security LLC think that the approach of an iterative security intelligence cycle is the key for dealing with malware infection in every IT environment and thus continue our ongoing development of Joe Sandbox.