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Joe Sandbox ISIM

Adaptive Internet Simulation

Joe Sandbox ISIM Joe Sandbox ISIM monitors malicious traffic and decides intelligently what to forward to the Internet and what to simulate. It is designed to prevent leaking of sensitive system information, such as unique hardware IDs and serial numbers which are used by malware to fingerpint malware analysis systems.

By using Joe Sandbox ISIM sensitive system information stays hidden and cannot be leaked to the Internet.

Joe Sandbox ISIM can also simulate network services such as HTTP or DNS.

Joe Sandbox ISIM is a plugin which integrates seamlessly into Joe Sandbox Desktop, Joe Sandbox Mobile, Joe Sandbox X, Joe Sandbox Complete and Joe Sandbox Ultimate.

Joe Sandbox ISIM Explained

Joe Sandbox ISIM Explained

Joe Sandbox ISIM analyzes Internet traffic and decides whether it should be:

  • dropped
  • allowed "as is"
  • spoofed
In order to detect application protocols Joe Sandbox ISIM includes a port independent identification engine. Based on a fine grained rule engine Joe Sandbox ISIM ensures that no sensitive data flows to the Internet. If data is dropped it will simulate responses so that the malware runs as normal.

Joe Sandbox ISIM has additional features such as C&C server simulation, configurable DNS spoofing as well as fake HTTP downloads.

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