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Joe Security

Experts in the Development of Deep Malware Analysis Systems

Joe Security a ISO 27001 certified company - specializes in the development of automated malware analysis systems for malware detection and forensics. Based on the idea of deep malware analysis & multi technology platform, Joe Security has developed unique technologies to analyze malware in a depth previously not possible. Joe Security provides malware analysis systems as a cloud service or as a standalone software package on premise. Analysis targets include Windows, Mac, Android and Linux at any scale. With its products Joe Security empowers CERTS, CIRTS, SOCs, malware analyst and incident responders around the world to detect and deeply understand malware.

Joe Security was founded in 2011 in Switzerland by Stefan Bühlmann a well known entrepreneur and malware analysis researcher. With Joebox Stefan has released in 2008 one of the first dynamic, kernel mode based malware analysis system.
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Joe Security LLC
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