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Analyzing Gozi's Anti-Analysis Tricks with Joe Sandbox Hypervisor 2.0

Over the past couple of months, we have focused our efforts on the development of the second version of Joe Sandbox Hypervisor. To inspect a program during runtime, Joe Sandbox Hypervisor uses the hardware virtualization feature of the CPU. Compared to other analysis techniques Hypervisor-based Inspection (HBI) inspects a program more deeply and therefore extracts more malicious behavior. Hypervisor 2.


Hunting for similar Samples with Joe Sandbox Class 2.0

The malware landscape is constantly evolving, and currently, we no longer see tens of thousands of different active malware threats, but only a few different malware families that often share common source code. Similarity analysis aka hunting for similar samples has recently gained a lot of attention in the security community and as a result, we decided to completely renew Joe Sandbox Class and enhance it with great new features. In this blog post, we will outline some of the new features related to x86 / x64 code hunting while in a second one, we will outline all the major improvements we have done to search samples for similar architectures. For those who are not yet familiar with this feature, Joe Sandbox Class is Joe Security's code hunting engine.


Empowering Joe Sandbox Cloud with Avira URL Cloud

Today we bring you exciting news. We have enhanced the Joe Sandbox Cloud URL reputation with Avira URL Cloud. Avira is a renowned German antivirus software, known to provide excellent malware detection rates! To enable URL checks, go to the Submission Tab - Intelligence and select "Use third-party URL reputation lookup": High-Value Reputation Checks for URLs from any source How does Joe Sandbox Cloud's URL reputation work? Users (manually or via our extensive RestFul Web API) submit samples to Joe Sandbox Cloud. A sample can be either a URL or a binary file: Joe Sandbox dynamically analyzes the file by executing it in a sandbox.


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