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Joe Sandbox Cloud Basic, a new era begins!

Today we’re very proud to announce the launch of the fully redesigned Joe Sandbox Cloud Basic website.  Over the past years, we have constantly collected a lot of information and received extremely helpful feedback from our users that helped us build a FREE, unified and community driven automated malware analysis platform. With today's release we made some major improvements to our community platform, among them: File, Document, URL, Mobile and Mail Analyzer are now regrouped under one unified platform, matching 1:1 that of Joe Sandbox Cloud Pro. The users are now able to submit any sample type or URL on Windows, as well as APK's on Android operating systems.


LIA - Localized Internet Anonymization

Having Internet access when dynamically analyzing malware is a key. Nearly all malware you get today (first stage) are droppers having as the main goal to download second stage malware. Droppers are often heavily obfuscated and contain evasive behavior to detect malware analysis systems. One of such behavior is doing checks for the public IP, which belongs to the malware analysis system.


Joe Sandbox View - the threat hunting & search engine

Hunting for similar or associated threats is a key task for SOCs, CERTs, CIRTS and IR teams. If you are testing threat search engines, you will find many allowing searching for a very small set of IOCs, mostly: File hashes (MD5, SHA1 etc) IPs Domains Names of dropped files What if you want to search for more detailed, deeper and low-level information? Well, you reach a dead end, but fortunately, there is a solution now - Joe Sandbox View. Joe Sandbox View explained Joe Sandbox View is a search engine based on Elasticsearch, that is fed by Joe Sandbox Cloud Pro (customers can opt-in to share their analyses) as well as Joe Sandbox Cloud Basic. The average amount of data added per report is 20 MB.


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