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Introducing Joe Sandbox Mail Monitor

Let us assume that you are working in a SOC and are receiving hundreds of requests from end-users asking if an e-Mail is safe to open or not. In most cases, you would take the e-mail and submit it to Joe Sandbox in order to check its behavior report. If the respective e-mail showed signs of malicious attachment or URL, you would consequently inform the end-user. Wouldn't it be nice if this whole process could be automated? Wouldn't it be great if you could choose to get notified about a detection or not, based on the analysis verdict or its score? In this regard, we have good news for you! Joe Sandbox Mail Monitor is exactly what you are looking for.


Introducing Joe Sandbox A1, World's first Golden Hardware appliance!

We are very happy to announce today the launch of Joe Sandbox A1, the World's first and most powerful appliance to perform Deep Malware Analysis on Bare Metal hardware. With our brand new appliance, you can say goodbye to malware evading virtual environments.  To the best of our knowledge, A1 is the world's smallest most powerful deep malware analysis appliance. We specifically designed A1 for the analysis of APT and targeted attacks.


Empowering Joe Sandbox Cloud with Avira Anti-Malware

Today we bring you amazing news. We have just finalized the integration of Avira Anti-Malware into Joe Sandbox Cloud. Avira, which is a renowned German antivirus software, is known to provide excellent malware detection rates! With the help of this integration, our Joe Sandbox Cloud Pro customers will benefit from automated Avira Anti-Malware scans of: Initially submitted file Dropped files Unpack PE files AV scanning of unpacked PE's is the best Particularly the unpacked PE files should be considered for antivirus scanning.  The samples on the disks are often obfuscated & encrypted, thus giving the antivirus a hard time trying to detect something.


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