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React faster to suspicious E-mails with Mail Monitor

In today's threat landscape, companies employ various solutions to protect against phishing attacks. Ideally, phishing emails should get detected and blocked by those solutions and never reach an end user's inbox. But there are always new phishing campaigns which employ novel methods such as embedded HTML files and multi stage approaches. So, unfortunately, there will always be emails which make it past the protection.


Joe Sandbox v40 Tourmaline

Today, we are proud to release Joe Sandbox 40 under the code name Tourmaline! This release is packed with many new detection signatures and important features to make Joe Sandbox even better.Our Joe Sandbox Cloud Pro, Basic, and OEM servers have recently been upgraded to Tourmaline.If you wish to upgrade your on-premise Joe Sandbox installation right away, please read the Update Guide that you received via our e-mailing list. You can also find the Update Guide in our customer portal.


Deep JavaScript Tracing: Unleashing Advanced Phishing Detection

In this blog post, we are introducing JavaScript tracing, a new technology we recently added to Joe Sandbox Cloud, that makes our platform even better at spotting and analyzing complex phishing attacks.Joe Sandbox already has a rich set of technologies for phishing detection. Those include image recognition, OCR, DOM based signatures and many more. However what is missing is capability for deep analysis of JavaScript executed with the web browser.