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Level Up: Introducing Hypervisor based Inspection in Joe Sandbox

At Joe Security, innovation is in our genes. We have been working on an awesome new component which takes advantage of hardware virtualization to analyze and detect malware. We call this new product Joe Sandbox Hypervisor. What is hardware virtualization? What technology do we use for introspection? How do we implement it and what are its benefits? Read this blog post to get answers to these questions.


Joe Sandbox 19 is out!

We have good news: Joe Sandbox version 19 is out! This is a big release with many improvements, enhancements, and new features. If you are an on-premise customer you can simply upgrade to Joe Sandbox 19 via: mono joeboxserver --updatefast In this blog post, we will outline some of the enhancements and new features of v19. Phishing Detection Phishing is a growing trend, and many products have very poor detection for it. Therefore we added a behavior based Phishing detection to v19.


Joe Sandbox + Phantom

Good news! You now can use Joe Sandbox in the Phantom: Security Automation and Orchestration Platform! What is Phantom exactly? It is an awesome tool to intelligently combine and automate various security products to build a full incident response chain: There are already a huge number of apps that use Phantom: The configuration of the Joe Sandbox app is very simple. Just add your API key: The aforementioned combination and automation is then done via so-called playbooks. Let us have a look at the Joe Sandbox playbook: In the playbook you choose various actions (from start to end). Actions are directly related to the apps.


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